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Roll the Woodpile Down - as sung by Nola Johnston at the VFSS shanty workshop, Nov 30, 1988

Away down south where the cocks do crow
Way down in Florida
The gals they all play the old Banjo
And we'll roll the woodpile down

Rollin', rollin', rollin' the whole world round
That brown gal o' mine's down the Georgia line
And we'll roll the woodpile down

When I was a young man in my prime
I'd clench them yeller girls two at a time

We'll roll 'em high and we'll roll 'em low
We'll heave 'em up and away we'll go

It's rouse and bust 'er is the cry
A black man's wage is never high

Oh, one more heave, and that'll do
For we're the bullies to kick her through