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Captains Courageous. Finally available on DVD! This 1937 black and white spectacle features incredible footage of fleets of schooners on the Grand Banks. An amazing sight we simply can't see anymore. The story gives insight into the sometimes cruel life faced by fishermen in the days of sail. See below for the VHS edition.

Master and Commander. Extended edition. Based on famous novel series, this film features two full-rigged navy ships (English and French) in a battle wits and artillery along the South American coast. Beautifully filmed and well acted and directed. This two disk set contains amazing features including a 70-minute documentary six additional scenes, and multi-angle battle scene studies.

Also check out the official web site.

Sea Warriors - The Royal Navy in the Age of Sail. A great documentary that takes you below decks on the square-riggers of His Majesty's Royal Navy.

Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl. The hit swashbuckling pirate ghost movie on DVD.

The Bounty. The best of all the film interpretations of Mutiny of the Bounty. Featuring a specially constructed tall ship built specifially to recreate the Bounty for this film.

Damn the Defiant!. If you liked Master and Commander, you'll like this 1962 film featuring superstars Alec Guiness and Dirk Bogard. A realistic look at life aboard a Royal Navy warship during the Napoleonic Wars. There are spectacularly staged naval battles, but it is the main characters and the struggle between them that really power the film.

Captains Courageous on VHS. This 1937 black and white film tells a great story. But what makes it truely amazing is the great footage of large numbers of schooners on the Grand Banks at a time when they were still in wide-spread use. This incredible sight is captured brilliantly in this film -- perhaps the only place we'll ever see it now.