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Rollin' Down to Old Maui

It's a damn tough life full of toil and strife
  We whalermen undergo
And we don't give a damn when the gale is done
  How hard the winds do blow
We're homeward bound from the Arctic Sound
  With a good ship taut and free
And we don't give a damn when we drink our rum
  With the girls of Old Maui

Rolling down to Old Maui, me boys
Rolling down to Old Maui
We're homeward bound from the Arctic Ground
Rolling down to Old Maui

Once more we sail with a Northerly gale
  Through the ice, and wind, and rain
Them coconut fronds, them tropical lands
  We soon shall see again
Six hellish months we passed away
  On the cold Kamchatka sea
But now we're bound from the Arctic ground
  Rolling down to Old Maui

Once more we sail the Northerly gale
  Towards our Island home
Our mainmast sprung, our whaling done
  And we ain't got far to roam
Our stans'l booms is carried away
  What care we for that sound
A living gale after us
  Thank God we're homeward bound

How soft the breeze through the island trees
  Now the ice is far astern
Them native maids, them tropical glades
  Is awaiting our return
Even now their big, brown eyes look out
  Hoping some fine to see
Our baggy sails running 'fore the gales
  Rolling down to Old Maui

We'll heave the lead where old Diamond Head
  Looms up on old Wahu
Our masts and yards are sheathed with ice
  And our desks are hid from view
The horrid ice of the sea-caked isles
  That deck the Arctic sea
Are miles behind in the frozen wind
  Since we steered for Old Maui

And now we're anchoured in the bay
  With the Kanakas all around
With chants and soft aloha-oos
  They greet us homeward bound
And now ashore we'll have good fun
  We'll paint them beaches red
Awakening in the arms of an island maid
  With a big fat aching head