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Willy Taylor - as sung by Rika Ruebsaat

Willy Taylor brisk young sailor
Full of fun and full of glee
Up to church they went together
Dressed in silk so rich and gay

Oh the vows, oh the breezes
Vows and breezes fade away

Birds were singing, bells were ringing
Up to church they went with glee
In marched four and twenty sailors
Pressed young Willy off to sea

Now she's shipped onboard a vessel
In the name of Richard IV
Her once white and delicate fingers
Now they're covered with pitch and tar

Now she's on the yardarm reefing
Doing her duty like all the rest
When her waistcoat it blew open
And there she shows her lily-white breast

When the Captain came to hear it
Saying "Fair maid what brings you here?"
"I'm in search of my true lover,
Who was pressed from me so dear."

"If you're in search of your true lover
Tell me what his name might be"
"His name it is young Willy Taylor
Seven long years he's been gone from me"

"If you rise early tomorrow morning
Just before the break of day
It's there you'll see your Willy Taylor
Walking with some lady gay"

So she rose early the next morning
Just before the break of day
And there she saw young Willy Taylor
Walking out with his lady gay

Now she's called for a pistol
Which was given at her command
And she shot her Willy Taylor
Standing by his bride's right hand

When the Captain came to hear it
Saying "Young maid what have you done?"
And he's made her his first lieutentant
On his ship of 900 ton

Now she's on the quarterdeck walking
Sword and pistol in her hand
And every time that she gives orders
Sailors tremble at her command