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Don't Forget Your Old Shipmate
- traditional, made famous in Master and Commander

Safe and sound at home again
  Let the waters roar, Jack
Safe and sound at home again
  Let the waters roar, Jack

Long we've tossed on the rolling main
Now we're safe ashore, Jack
Don't forget your old shipmate
Fal dee ral dee ral dee rye eye doe!

Since we sailed from Plymouth Sound
  Four years gone, or nigh, Jack
Was there ever chummies, now
  Such as you and I, Jack?

We have worked the self-same gun:
  Quarterdeck division
Sponger I and loader you
  Through the whole commission

Oftentimes have we laid out
  toil nor danger fearing,
Tugging out the flapping sail
  to the weather bearing

When the middle watch was on
  And the time went slow, boy
Who could choose a rousing stave
  Who like Jack or Joe, boy?

There she swings, an empty hulk
  Not a soul below now
Number seven starboard mess
  Misses Jack and Joe now

But the best of friends must part
  Fair or foul the weather
Hand yer flipper for a shake
  Now a drink together