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High Barbary - traditional

There were two lofty ships
  From old England came
Blow high, blow low
And so sail we
One was the Prince of Luther
  The other Prince of Wales
All a-cruisin' down the coast
Of High Barbary

"Aloft there, aloft there"
  Our jolly bosun cried
"Look ahead, look astern,
  Look to weather an' a-lee"

"There's naught upon the stern, sir
  There's naught upon our lee
But there's a lofty ship to wind'ard
  An' she's sailin' fast and free"

"Oh hail her, oh hail her"
  Our gallant captain cried
"Are you a man-o-war
  Or a privateer?" cried he

"Oh, I'm not a man-o-war
  Nor privateer," said he
"But I am salt sea pirate
  All a-looking for me fee"

For Broadside, for broadside
  A long time we lay
'Til at last the Prince of Luther
  Shot the pirate's mast away

"Oh quarter, oh quarter"
  Those pirates they did cry
But the quarter that we gave them
  Was we sank 'em in the sea